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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of blinds do Hunter Douglas make?

Rustic. Traditional. Classic. The combination of natural materials and glistening metal is a timeless favorite. At Hunter Douglas we provide only the finest wood, faux wood and aluminum horizontal blinds, all available in numerous colors, textures and slat sizes. For a rich, traditional look, opt for our Parkland® Wood Blinds.

Do Hunter Douglas clips work for valances?

I went to Hunter Douglas website, and the clips were not available (probably because of age - these were installed over 15 years ago). Fortunately, these work for the same dimension valances, and they worked perfectly. Now I have a reserve for when I break the next ones. They arrived quickly and were a perfect match!

Where can I buy Hunter Douglas window treatments?

Hunter Douglas window treatments may be purchased through a window-treatment specialist. Learn how a price is determined.

Are these Hunter Douglas clips like the ones that broke?

Exactly like the Hunter Douglas clips that broke. Easy to install. They fit the wood valence on my Hunter Douglas blinds perfectly. Perfect replacement. Good on ya, Amazon, for providing all those bits and pieces people end up having to replace in life.

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