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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty policy for Hunter fans?

All Hunter air purifiers, humidifiers, and portable fans are backed by a limited 5-year warranty. All Hunter home controls are backed by a limited 3-year warranty. All Hunter thermostats are backed by a limited 1-year warranty. These links require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Who owns Hunter Fan Company?

Three years later, Hunter was acquired by Robbins & Meyers, Inc., a fan manufacturer based in Springfield, Illinois. For the next 45 years, Hunter operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Robbins & Meyers, producing a complete line of residential, commercial, and industrial fans.

Who makes Hunter fans?

Hunter Fan Company is a privately-held manufacturer of fans for homes. Hunter Fan Company was founded in 1886 by James Hunter and John Hunter. Hunter Fan Company headquarters are located in Cordova, Tennessee.

Why is my Hunter ceiling fan not working?

Another possible cause is when a fan is wired to a dimmer switch. If the noise is more like a buzz then it could be a capacitor that has failed although this is rare as Hunter use very high quality capacitors. If the fan is really old then it could also be motor laminates breaking down.

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