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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of being a hunter gatherer?

Advantages ✓ Protection from nature, animals. Surplus of food. There's a consistent supply of food. Specialization. Not everyone has to be a farmer. Humans are more complex. Less worrying about food and water.

Why did hunter gatherers use fire?

Fire allowed people to cook their food, thus expanding their source of nutrition to less digestible or tasty plants. It was also used to harden wooden spears, making it possible to kill larger animals. The hunter-gatherer people of 10,000 BCE used stone, wood, bone and antlers for their weapons and implements.

How did hunter gatherers get their food?

Later, they learned to gather edible plants, collect eggs from birds’ nests, and, for a sweet treat, they took honey from wild beehives. What hunter-gatherers ate depended on what they could find each season, eating fruit and berries when they ripened and eating meat from animals when they were most plentiful.

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