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What are the advantages of being a hunter gatherer?

What are the advantages of hunting and gathering? Advantages of foraging: Research has proved that hunter gatherers had a much better diet and healthier body than farmers as they had more food intake and more nutrients in their diets. Hunter Gatherers had more leisure time, which they spent creating art and music.

What weapons did hunter gatherers use?

What weapons did hunter-gatherers use? Early Stone Age people hunted with sharpened sticks. Later, they used bows and arrows and spears tipped with flint or bone. People gathered nuts and fruits and dug up roots. They went fishing using nets and harpoons. What tools did hunters gatherers farmers use?

What does hunter gatherer mean?

hunter-gatherers See word origin Frequency: A member of a people subsisting in the wild on food obtained by hunting and foraging. noun 3 1 (anthrop.) A member of a culture that supplies its food by hunting game and gathering berries, roots, etc. rather than by raising crops or livestock. noun 1 0

What technology did hunter gatherers use?

What technology did hunter-gatherers use? Hunter-Gatherer Tools and Technology The early hunter-gatherers used simple tools. During the Stone Age, sharpened stones were used for cutting before hand-axes were developed, marking the onset of Acheulean technology about 1.6 million years ago.

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