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Frequently Asked Questions

How much fiber do hunter-gatherers eat?

Fiber intake of hunter-gatherers ranges from 50g to over 200g daily (compare that to the 25g daily recommended by the USDA). Even the animal-food-rich diet of the Inuit contains fibrous plant foods (berries, moss, corms, preserved flower buds, seaweed, and other goodies)!

What do hunter-gatherers eat?

Hunter-gatherer groups within 40 degrees latitude from the equator tended to consume about half of their diet as plant foods (and therefore had a higher carbohydrate intake).

Are hunter gatherers really hunter-gatherers?

Some societies coded as hunter-gatherers in the Atlas probably were not exclusively hunter-gatherers or were displaced agricultural peoples. Because most of the ethnographers were male, they often did not associate with women, who typically collect and process plant resources.

Where did the data for the hunter-gatherer diet come from?

The hunter-gatherer data used by Cordain et al ( 4) came from the Ethnographic Atlas ( 5 ), a cross-cultural index compiled largely from 20th century sources and written by ethnographers or others with disparate backgrounds, rarely interested in diet per se or trained in dietary collection techniques.

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