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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are hunter gatherers so important?

The hunter-gatherer way of life is of major interest to anthropologists because dependence on wild food resources was the way humans acquired food for the vast stretch of human history. Cross-cultural researchers focus on studying patterns across societies and try to answer questions such as: What are recent hunter-gatherers generally like?

Did hunter gatherers have a hierarchy?

Social hierarchy: complex hunter-gatherers had social hierarchies and even inherited leadership roles. These positions included prestige, social status, and sometimes power. Northwest Coast populations had two social classes: enslaved and free people.

How did hunter gatherers use their tools?

Hunter-gatherer tools were basically used for pounding, digging, cutting, and scraping. Not shown here, but often found in hunter-gatherer sites are grinding stones where seeds can be crushed with a pestle shaped stone. (for runner of the mortar and pestle).

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