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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Hunter McGrady’s brother?

Model Hunter McGrady announced her younger brother’s death on May 4. She revealed that Tynan McGrady died in a car accident on May 1. On Tuesday morning, May 4, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit alum announced on Instagram that her 23-year-old died of a car accident without mentioning the location.

How did Tynan McGrady die?

Tynan McGrady’s Death at Car Accident Tynan McGrady died in a car accident, and Hunter remembered her brother as a hard worker and “absolutely brilliant” who had just three weeks left from graduating from San Francisco State University with a computer engineering degree.

Who is Hunter McGrady and why is she famous?

Who is Hunter McGrady? Hunter began her career as a model at 15 but at 19, she decided to start plus size modeling because she could not maintain the 00 standard set by her agency. After making her SI debut in 2017, she was brought back to become a rookie in 2018 as a part of the special project, In Her Own Words.

Who is McGrady mcmcgrady?

McGrady was born in Los Angeles, to American actor Michael McGrady and model Brynja McGrady. She has an older sister, fellow model, Michaela McGrady. The two sisters host a podcast titled Model Citizen. Her younger brother Tynan died in a car accident in 2021.

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