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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Hunter Renfrow?

Hunter Renfrow is an American football wide receiver who currently plays for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League (NFL). While he was in college of Clemson University, he played for the Clemson Tigers football team.

What is Hunter Renfrow net worth?

Net worth and Salary The two times CFP national champion has earned a right amount of wealth and fame through NFL career. His estimated net worth is at around $4 million as per 2020. Hunter Renfrow signed a 4-year contract with Oakland Raiders worth$2,835,948, including a $315,948 as a signing bonus and $315,948 guaranteed.

What are Renfrow's strengths and weaknesses?

His hands are pure glue, capable of catching every type of pass put anywhere around his somewhat limited catch radius. On the other hand, the weaknesses are clear; Renfrow is short, slight of frame, not overly athletic and could struggle to survive the physicality of the NFL.

How much does Renfrow make a year?

SOURCE: Instagram @renfrom He has an average annual salary of $708,987, and in 2019, Renfrow earned a base salary of $495,000 and a signing bonus of $315,948 while carrying a cap hit of $573,987 and a dead cap value of $315,948.

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