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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a relationship between Schafer and Fike?

While Schafer nor Fike, 26, have commented on the status of their relationship, they previously posed together for a photo on the red carpet of the Euphoria season 2 premiere earlier this month.

Where was Schafer and Fike at the restaurant?

According to Vanity Fair, Schafer and Fike were spotted earlier this month at a restaurant in Hollywood. On their way out the door, they held hands. And an anonymous “eyewitness” reporting through the popular Instagram account Deuxmoi said the couple were “kissing” and “dancing” before their Euphoria co-stars joined them.

What did Adam Schafer wear on his night out?

The potential couple were dressed casual on their night out in West Hollywood, with Schafer decked out in a white hoodie underneath a black zip-up jacket, patterned shorts, and a pair of white sneakers.

What kind of style does Lauren Schafer have?

Schafer has a trendy, sleek style that radiates all over her Instagram feed, live appearances and red carpets alike. She has an affinity for flirty styles and quirky pieces.

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