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Frequently Asked Questions

Is gon stronger than Hisoka?

Even though Gon has come a long way and is far stronger than he once was, he's no match for Hisoka. As seen throughout the series, Hisoka believes that Gon is getting stronger, but he isn't at the level where he can stand on the same pedestal as Hisoka himself.

Does gon get his Nen back?

As of the moment, Gon has not gotten his Nen back. The producer of Hunter X Hunter is famous for his long periods of absence, the series has been unable to move since the beginning of the year 2018. Also Read: 20 Best Bearded Anime Characters

Does Gon Lose an arm?

Gon loses his arm, becoming like Kite. Once in front of Kite's body, Neferpitou, who has been tricked by Shaiapouf into believing Komugi had been rescued, reveals the man is dead and they cannot bring him back to life.

Does Killua die in HxH?

He did not die. Yes, Kil was the main character from episodes 137-148. The final episode of the series ends with Killua parting ways with Gon to live peacefully with his sister.

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