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Frequently Asked Questions

Is IUI worth it?

That being said, IUI does work. For those that had success, I would say it was definitely worth it for them. But it doesn't work for everyone, just like IVF doesn't work for everyone. It really is a crap shoot. If finances are an issue for you, and your re has not yet found any underlying issue, maybe try IUI first.

How many times Would you do an IUI before IVF?

Whereas most couples would do 3-6 IUI cycles before IVF treatment in the early 1990’s, today most couples choose to move on to IVF after 2 or 3 failed artificial insemination cycles. If you’d like me to assist with your lab reports, give you a fertility advice, or revise the list of supplements you’re taking, this is how you can find me .

How much does artificial insemination or IUI cost?

IUI costs $500 - $4,000 depending on: which drugs get used in concert with IUI (gonadotropin, Clomid etc), whether monitoring is done ($500 - $1,000) and whether a second IUI will be performed on successive days. Ultimately, it requires about $10,000 - $40,000 of IUI costs to deliver one live birth.

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