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Frequently Asked Questions

What are icons in e-learning?

Icons are a small picture or pictorial presentation of a thing, an object, an idea, or a process. They are all around us and are used as a main form of human communication. Here are a few common icons we see all the time and know well: In e-learning, icons are used in a few different ways.

What are icons and why do they matter?

For that reason, a whole new visual language of small symbols called “icons” is evolving. These icons are supposed to convey to the user what will happen when they tap onto or click the image. The only problem is, sometimes Developer A and Developer B use the same image for various things, or different images for the same thing.

What are line icons?

Line icons are extremely minimalist and thus quick to download. Objects and symbols drawn as line icons are easy to identify as the mind of the viewer fills in the missing information. These lightweight icons are ideal for navigation and buttons and anywhere you need to fit an icon in a small space.

What do the icons on websites or apps mean?

One of our most popular posts explains what the icons on websites or apps mean. (Originally posted, May, 2011) We posted this article a few years ago as a guide to the icons found on mobile apps. In general, “icons” mean emoji for grown-up developers.

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