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Frequently Asked Questions

What does IEP mean?

The Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) is a plan or program developed to ensure that a child who has a disability identified under the law and is attending an elementary or secondary educational institution receives specialized instruction and related services.

Do I have to sign the IEP?

Short answer: Nothing. In most cases. Only 2-3 states require a parent’s signature on the IEP to begin services. That is, after the first IEP. You usually have to sign that one to begin services. But I have heard this from more parents than I can count. “And I am not signing that IEP!”. I get it. Really I do.

What should a teacher reoprt in an IEP say?

The IEP meeting should include a fruit- ful discussion about the availability of strategies for supporting the student in the least restrictive environment. A teacher can say, "I can appreciate your concerns for Marissa's success given the new challenges she and all of the other new students will experience in the kindergarten classroom.

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