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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a turkey vulture a carnivore?

Wild turkeys are omnivores while turkey vultures are carnivores. Wild turkeys are fast fliers and agile while turkey vultures cannot fly fast. There are 6 sub-species of wild vultures while there are 5 sub-species of turkey vultures.

Is it legal to own a turkey vulture?

Therefore, these birds are protected by law. All turkey vultures are protected in the USA by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and may not be harmed by the law. However, human control solutions for vultures’ removal from unwanted areas are allowed.

Is there a such thing as a turkey vulture?

Turkey Vulture. The most widespread vulture in North America, the turkey vulture is locally called “buzzard” in many areas. A turkey vulture standing on the ground can, at a distance, resemble a wild turkey. It is unique among our vultures in that it finds carrion by smell as well as by sight.

Is the turkey vulture an endangered species?

The turkey vulture is now widespread across Maine but was first documented as a breeding bird in the 1970s. The turkey vulture is in the same family (Cathartidae) as the California Condor (Federally endangered species) and the black vulture, which lives primarily in the south and southeast portions of the U.S.

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