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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a radiology imaging center near me? is your comprehensive resource for medical imaging centers across the nation. Our database of diagnostic radiology imaging facilities is your reference to find a radiology imaging center near you. Radiology is the medical specialty directing medical imaging technologies to diagnose and treat diseases.

Where can I get a radiology exam in Southern California?

UMIH offers a full spectrum of radiology exams in the most comfortable, patient-friendly, and culturally diverse centers in Southern California. UMIH is a regional provider of diagnostic imaging services. We offer 26 locations throughout California. Our centers were built with you in mind.

Who is Merivale medical imaging?

Welcome to Merivale Medical Imaging. Merivale Medical Imaging Inc. (MMI), is a modern diagnostic imaging centre serving the greater Ottawa and Ottawa Valley areas. We offer a variety of outpatient imaging services to assist you and your doctor in making the best possible choices regarding your health.

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