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Frequently Asked Questions

What are interim medical imaging services?

Interim Medical Imaging Services For your short-term imaging needs, Alliance Radiology provides interim PET/CT, CT and MRI equipment, as well as certified clinical staffing. Our interim radiology services allow you to: Maintain or Temporarily Expand Imaging Services

What is simonmed imaging?

simonONE lets you take control of your health by providing MRI body scans in one quick, convenient 30-45 minute session, letting you seek treatment early or reduce your risk – for a longer, happier life. SimonMed Imaging is committed to helping patients in need obtain care and has payment plans, a hardship policy and a extensive charity policy.

What is an imaging study?

Imaging studies are an essential component of preventative care and treatment, and having the best diagnostic equipment possible is a vital step to good preventive health for our patients. Our experts use a variety of imaging modalities to provide diagnosis, consultation, and intervention.

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