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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are tickets for IMAX theaters?

On average, a movie theater ticket is going to range anywhere from $5 for a daily matinee to as much as $20 for an IMAX. Standard movie tickets are going to cost $6 to $13 and will cost the most on weekends and all days after 5 p.m. An IMAX in 3D can cost the most at $8 to $20. A 3D movie, for example, can cost $12 to $17.

Where is IMAX in NYC?

Sony IMAX 3-D Theater Quick Facts. IMAX Theater NYC is located in Manhattan's Upper West Side. Movies at IMAX Theater NYC are shown in RealD 3D and IMAX 3D. Sony IMAX Theater NYC stands atop AMC Loews Lincoln Square.

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