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Frequently Asked Questions

What is impermanence?

Definition of impermanence : the quality or state of being impermanent Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About impermanence Synonyms & Antonyms for impermanence

What does the Buddha say about impermanence?

But nothing does. Impermanence, anitya, or anicca in Pali, is one of the Buddha’s three marks of existence, three conditions that characterize all of life, and are always present. (The other two marks of existence are anatman (Pali: anatta), or not-self, and duhkha (Pali: dukkha), suffering, or dissatisfaction.)

What are the impermanent states of life?

The Buddha described five impermanent states that comprise human life: Both attraction and aversion to the impermanent aspects of life lead to suffering. In Buddhism, mindful meditation is practiced to understand, accept and overcome this suffering.

Is it okay to be apprehensive about impermanence?

Explore each suggestion while being gentle with yourself and remember that for many of us, facing impermanence can trigger feelings of uneasiness or worry. There’s nothing wrong with this—it’s perfectly natural to be apprehensive when exploring impermanence.

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