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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the synonym of impermanence?

Synonyms of impermanence. ephemerality, evanescence, fleetingness, fugitiveness, impermanency, momentariness, temporariness, transience, transiency, transitoriness.

What is impermanence and fragility?

the state of not lasting for ever or not lasting for a long time: the impermanence and fragility of life. She says that her paintings represent the impermanence of everything.

What is impermanence in Buddhism?

A Buddhistically informed view suggests that even as everything changes over time, this very impermanence is connected to a deeper kind of persistence. In the case of living things, this means that even the temporary, seeming defiance of impermanence can only occur via a never-ending introduction of new stuff.

What is the impermanence of childhood?

the fact or quality of being temporary or short-lived: The novel poignantly explores the impermanence of childhood—the ebb and flow of memories and experiences that make up our disappearing past. Rarely im·per·ma·nen·cy [im-pur-muh-nuhn-see] .

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