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Frequently Asked Questions

Is inboxdollars legit?

Yes, Inboxdollars is legit. Infact, they have paid out over $80 Million dollars in cash rewards. It is not a get rich quick scam. What they offer is a way to make extra cash. They have a 4.2 out of 5 star review from TrustPilot. Additionally, they keep their privacy policy current through the main holding company Prodege, LLC.

How to make money with inboxdollars?

The second most lucrative way to make money with InboxDollars is to read their paid emails. You will receive up to four messages per day and each message offers additional opportunities to earn cash. Some of the offers I received in the PaidEmails were getting paid $25 to take a health insurance survey and $10 to open a new bank account.

Does inboxdollars offer cashback?

Besides grocery coupons, InboxDollars offers additional cash bonuses plus 4% cashback on every Groupon purchase. If you were to go directly to Groupon to buy the same deal, you wouldn’t earn this additional cash back.

How much do inboxdollars coupons cost?

InboxDollars pays you 20 cents for each printable pair of coupon, plus the money you save with the coupon and receipt scanning apps like Ibotta. InboxDollars coupons can help you save on brands you buy on a regular basis with more than 200 printable coupons.

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