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Frequently Asked Questions

Is infinity is a good car?

On the contrary, Infinitis are good cars, and as a luxury brand, Infiniti has been working tirelessly to provide car buyers with a full lineup of competitive models in the premium car market. This article explains why Infiniti cars and SUVs are good. Are Infinitis Good Cars? Do Infiniti Cars Last Long? Do Infinitis Hold Their Value?

Is infinity a finite number?

Is Infinity a Number if It’s Transfinite? Although infinity is not a number, there are a special class of numbers sometimes referred to as “infinite numbers” which are bigger than all finite numbers. More properly, these are called transfinite numbers. So, if a number falls into the “transfinite infinity” class, then yes— it’s a ...

Are infinities good used cars?

Used 2015 Infiniti Q50 Review “ This is a great car, and a rare find if you don't like front wheel drive, but the tires are just awful and the entertainment system is frustratingly slow.It would be an easy 5.0 rating with better tires or better GPS/Stereo system. Being able to remote start, ‘find my car’, and track it down if it is stolen through the Infiniti app is a huge bonus.”

Can Infinity be used as a number?

Infinity, is not a number. You cannot add, subtract, multiply or divide one infinity by itself or another infinity - the operations applicable to numbers are not applicalbe to infinities. But infnities are like numbers in that there are a variety of them.

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