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Frequently Asked Questions

How important are international conferences in India 2023?

It is estimated that close to 76% of all accomplished and experienced researchers and scholars in the country find that international conferences in India 2023 played a key role in their success!

What is India HCI 2021?

India HCI 2021 (Online Conference) is organized by the HCI Professionals Association of India in collaboration with MIT Institute of Design, MIT Art, Design & Technology University to foster collaboration between Industry, Academia, Professional & Students from the HCI & Design communities of India & around the world.

Why should you attend international conferences in India?

Partly because of maintaining a rich and vibrant culture of academic conferencing throughout the nation. If you’re eager to participate in upcoming International conferences in India, then the best thing you can do is to rely on this page completely for information on any upcoming conference in India that you may be interested in attending.

What are the international conferences?

International Conference on Health Care Reform, Health Economics and Health Policy International Conference on Business Management and Social Innovation INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND COMMUNICATION NETWORKS International Conference on Institutional Development, Business law and Social Science Research

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