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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Internet Explorer is the best?

The best version of Internet Explorer is IE11 since it operates a lot faster than previous versions.

How do you access Internet Explorer?

To access your Internet Explorer web browsing history, open Internet Explorer, and click on the Favorites button. Then, click the History tab. This displays a list of your browsing history that can be sorted by date, site name, most frequently visited or most recently visited.

Is Internet Explorer really a good browser?

Internet Explorer Review Strengths & Weaknesses Alternatives for Internet Explorer Features. Internet Explorer lacks many of the features now considered standard for web browsers. ... Ease of Use. ... Performance. ... Security. ... Privacy. ... The Verdict. ...

How do you activate Internet Explorer?

follow these steps to activate: On the Start Screen click the Internet Explorer (IE) desktop tile. From the desktop view locate the IE icon on the Taskbar and click it. Once IE opens, in the address bar enter the URL of the site where you are experiencing issues. Press enter. Press the F12 key on the keyboard.

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