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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Internet Explorer really a good browser?

Internet Explorer Review Strengths & Weaknesses Alternatives for Internet Explorer Features. Internet Explorer lacks many of the features now considered standard for web browsers. ... Ease of Use. ... Performance. ... Security. ... Privacy. ... The Verdict. ...

Is Internet Explorer a better browser than Microsoft Edge?

In addition to having a larger selection of third-party applications, Internet Explorer's design allows it to be considered as a more simplified browser than Microsoft Edge. In particular, it is easier to navigate with fewer options that are available. The speed of Internet Explorer is also what separates it from Microsoft Edge.

Which browser is better chrome or Internet Explorer?

For example, Architeck and Google Apps (email, Drive) will work in both Chrome and Explorer, but they perform better in Chrome. Synergy works better in Internet Explorer. Default browser A "default browser" is the browser that is launched when an app or shortcut is selected that requires Internet access.

How do you set the default browser in Internet Explorer?

How to set Internet Explorer as the default browser in Windows 10 Click the Start button. Type “default browser” into the search field, then click the Choose a default Web browser search result. Click the current default browser under the Web Browser section. Select Internet Explorer.

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