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Frequently Asked Questions

What is into?

INTO is an international network of heritage trusts. Discover the organisations and people behind our global family. TAP-INTO grants allow members to meet, collaborate and share knowledge within our network. View our current opportunities. INTO partners with our members to deliver collaborative heritage projects around the globe.

How do you use in and into in a sentence?

Using both "in" and "into" in the same sentence can help illustrate the difference between the terms, as in this example: "In" five minutes, you will come to a gate. Walk through the gate "into" the field, then head upstairs and go "into" the press box. In this case, "in" five minutes means "after a period of five minutes."

What is the difference between in and on and into and onto?

Usage Notes. "We generally use in and on to talk about the positions of things — where they are; and into and onto to talk about directions and destinations — where things are going. Compare: - A moment later the ball was in in the goal. The ball rolled slowly into the goal. . .

What does 'into' mean in reggae?

It can connote a high level of enthusiasm or interest in something, as in: 1 He's really "into" her. 2 She's really "into" her work. 3 But, they're both really "into" reggae.

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