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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Invitae’s digital platform?

– Invitae launches seamless digital platform to enhance patient and provider experiences and further bring genetics to mainstream medicine –

Does Invitae accept insurance?

Invitae accepts insurance from most health plans. The process is intended to be simple as the company works directly with the insurance companies to coordinate payment, otherwise known as filing a claim to insurers, and this usually results in patients paying $0 to $100 out of pocket.

What is Invitae diagnostic testing?

Invitae makes it easy for providers. Invitae diagnostic testing can give you actionable insights to improve diagnosis, prognosis, and patient care. In your practice today, there are patients who could benefit from genetic testing. We’re here to make it easy.

What data does Invitae share with third parties?

Invitae strips personal identifiers, such as name and date of birth, from customers’ data. With this, the company reserves the right to share anonymized or aggregated data with third parties. The company also shares personal information, not genetic data, with service providers, business partners, and third parties.

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