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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Invitae stock fall 5% pre-market Tuesday?

The shares of Invitae Corporation ( NYSE: NVTA ) fell ~5% pre-market Tuesday after Goldman Sachs downgraded it to Sell from Neutral predicting a long path to profitability for the medical diagnostics company despite its recent efforts at restricting.

Does Invitae have a long path to profitability?

Despite having a restricting plan in place, the biotech company has a “long path to profitability,” according to Goldman Sachs. The Analyst: Matthew Sykes downgraded the rating for Invitae from Neutral to Sell, while reducing the price target from $4 to $2. Check out other analyst stock ratings.

Is Invitae poised to re-accelerate growth?

Invitae seems to have “a long and uncertain path towards profitability and a gross margin profile that will make it difficult to deploy opex in order to re-accelerate growth,” the analyst added.

What is the target price for Invitae Corporation (NVTA)?

Invitae Corporation (NYSE:NVTA)’s beta value is holding at 1.86, while the average true range (ATR) indicator is currently reading 0.23. Considering analysts have assigned the stock a price target range of $1.00-$4.00 as the low and high respectively, we find the trailing 12-month average consensus price target to be $2.84.

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