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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Invitae work with insurance?

Don't worry, Invitae is in network with most major insurance plans and can also work with your insurance, even if it is out-of-network. For patients without US insurance, or with insurance that doesn't cover their test, we offer a patient-pay price. For more information about our pricing for a given test, see here .

How much does Invitae cost for carrier screening?

For carrier screening, within the United States Invitae offers a reduced patient-pay price of $250 USD with a discounted $100 USD partner-pay option to make testing affordable for more patients, including those who do not meet coverage policies for testing, those with high-deductible plans and those not covered by insurance.

Is Invitae a diagnostic DNA testing company?

Invitae is a diagnostic DNA testing company that offers a variety of sequencing-based genetic tests. Learn more in our Invitae review! Invitae is a clinical genetic testing company that focuses on health screenings. Its tests can be more expensive than competitor products.

How does Invitae discount the patient responsibility after the claim process?

Patients with commercial insurance: For patients who qualify for the program and are insured with commercial insurance, Invitae will discount the patient responsibility after the claim process on a sliding scale according to income. To qualify for the program, we ask for proof of income documentation in the form of an IRS Form 1040.

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