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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Invitae PGT patient portal?

Don't have an account? Create an account. The Invitae PGT Patient Portal provides patients with an easy, secure, and convenient way to learn more about PGT, schedule genetic counseling, and pay for testing. Create an account today and get started.

How do I establish my Invitae online portal account?

If your doctor entered your email address when he or she placed your test order, then an email was sent to you with the information you need to establish your Invitae online portal account. Your username for this account is your email address; you can set your password at the time you create your account.

How do I check the status of my Invitae test?

After you have initiated an order online with Invitae, you can sign in to the online portal to check the status of your test. When the test results are released, you’ll be able to review your results online. If your doctor has ordered a test for you, register your test online by using your order number (sometimes called an "RQ" number).

Where is the Invision health patient portal?

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