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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IR in English?

Ir de compras is an idiomatic phrase meaning to go shopping. You should not expect each word to translate. You are literally saying "Going of shopping" but that is not correct in English. The presposition de usually translates as of or from in English.

What is IR in engineering?

The "Ir" in IR Engineer is an abbreviation for Ingenieur. Professional engineers in Malaysia apply the designation before their names. The "Ir" identifies them as engineers who meet the highest professional standards. The Board of Engineering Malaysia (BEM) oversees registration.

What is IR in the imperfect tense?

The Imperfect Tense Forms of the imperfect, regular verbs. Stem: Take the infinitive, and remove the last two letters (the infinitive ending): Irregular verbs. Only three verbs are irregular in the imperfect: ser, ir, and ver: ser Meaning and usage. The imperfect is one of two simple (that is, “non-compound”) past tenses in the indicative.

What is IR in the Nosotros form?

The Nosotros form in the Preterite is the same as the Nosotros in the Present Tense for "-Ar" and "-Ir" verbs. Context will tell you which tense is correct. However, the Nosotros form of "-Er" verbs follows the "-Ir" conjugation. The Preterite 3rd person plural (ellos, ellas, ustedes) ends in "-ron".

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