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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Invitae a good Biotech stock to buy?

Back in January, the company closed a stock offering that infused it with $434 million in cash to make up for its losses. For these reasons, Invitae is a decent biotech stock to buy, but it's best to start small. Zhiyuan Sun has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Invitae and Tesla.

How much does Invitae cost?

To complete the deal, Invitae borrowed $135 million. While some of Invitae's tests are covered by insurance carriers, the company said that for those whose insurance doesn't cover the costs, the tests can be as low as $99 for noninvasive prenatal screening and $250 for diagnostic, carrier, or proactive testing.

Is Invitae Corporation (Invitae) stock overvalued or undervalued?

In addition, Invitae Corporation has a VGM Score of F (this is a weighted average of the individual Style Scores which allow you to focus on the stocks that best fit your personal trading style). Valuation metrics show that Invitae Corporation may be overvalued.

Who is Invitae?

The Invitae team includes pioneers in genetics, medicine, technology, and genetic counseling, and is trusted by experts to provide the most comprehensive, reliable genetic screening and support available. Through all stages of life and all areas of medicine, when the question is genetics, the answer is Invitae.

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