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Where is Sapienza in World of Tomorrow?

Sapienza is a fictional small coastal town located in Italy. It is home to the ancestral Villa of the Caruso family, and is the location where the missions World of Tomorrow, The Icon, Landslide, and The Author take place. Sapienza is a town on the Amalfi Coast south of Naples and a popular tourist location.

Where is Sapienza in Hitman™ 2?

Based on the mission map, Sapienza should also be located on this side of the country. It is safe to say that Sapienza's design is heavily inspired by real towns in the region, such as the real town of Amalfi itself. During The Last Resort mission in HITMAN™ 2, a couple can be found between the pool area and cocktail bar having...

Who owns Villa Caruso in Sapienza?

Its most notable feature is Villa Caruso, a multi-story mansion owned by Silvio Caruso, who inherited it from his mother Isabella Caruso. Sapienza was also chosen by actor Dino Bosco as a filming location for the climactic battle scene in his superhero film The Icon some years before the events of Landslide and World of Tomorrow .

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