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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 6ms in Ishikawa diagram?

Ishikawa diagram examines a broad set of possible causes of a problem for the issue to be analyzed. These are referred to as the 6Ms – Methods, Machines, Materials, Measurements, Mother Nature, and Manpower in the manufacturing industry.

What is fishbone diagram (Ishikawa diagram)?

Also known as Fishbone Diagram (due to its appearance) or Ishikawa Diagram (named after its developer), the mnemonic representation of the characteristic dimensions to contemplate when brainstorming is indisputably significant during problem-solving sessions.

What is 6m6m/6m's?

6M/6M's is a mnemonic tool used primarily used when it comes to problem-solving or decision making. The Cause and Effect diagram, also known as Fishbone Diagram, proves extremely beneficial when exploring or dissecting any production or industrial operations problems.

What cars have been built using Ishikawa diagrams?

Mazda Motors famously used an Ishikawa diagram in the development of the Miata (MX5) sports car.

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