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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ishikawa (fishbone) diagram?

Quality Nugget: Creating Ishikawa (Fishbone) Diagrams With R ( Software Quality Professional) A fishbone diagram connects causal links in major categories with an outcome, or effect. This article explains how to make one with the Six Sigma package in R.

What is Ishikawa's contribution to quality circles?

One of Ishikawa's early achievements contributed to the success of quality circles. The cause-and-effect diagram—often called the Ishikawa diagram and perhaps the achievement for which he is best known—has provided a powerful tool that can easily be used by non-specialists to analyze and solve problems.

How did Ishikawa contribute to the development of Japan?

Here, too, Ishikawa was involved since 1959, particularly in the development of a quality control system for new product development. Ishikawa was also involved in efforts to promote quality ideas throughout Japan, both in industry and among consumers.

What is the Ishikawa Medal?

The medal is awarded annually in honor of Ishikawa to an individual or team for outstanding leadership in improving the human aspects of quality. Throughout his career, Ishikawa worked on very practical matters, but always within a larger philosophical framework.

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