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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an Ishikawa diagram?

An Ishikawa diagram, also known as a cause-and-effect diagram or fishbone diagram, is often used in quality management in manufacturing industries. In this report, an Ishikawa diagram is used to demonstrate how to relate potential causes of a major presenting problem in a clinical setting.

What is ConceptDraw DIAGRAM extended with fishbone diagrams?

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM extended with Fishbone Diagrams solution gives a powerful tool for improving problem solving and focus with Fishbone diagrams. The Cause and Effect diagram introduced by Kaoru Ishikawa in 1968 is a method for analyzing process dispersion.

Why is it called a fishbone diagram?

It is known as a fishbone diagram because of its shape, similar to the side view of a fish skeleton. the innovative developments within the field of quality management. Kaoru Ishikawa is best known

What is a cause and effect diagram?

Cause and Effect diagram (Ishikawa diagram or Fishbone diagram) software helps you to show in one diagram the factors of Equipment, People, Process, Environment, Management and Materials, which all in general affect the overall problem and gives the base for the further analysis.

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