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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sienna (SDAI) token?

Sienna is a pure SNIP-20 token, and sDAI is a bridged token to its ERC20 equivalent, the DAI stable coin token. By providing liquidity to a trading pair of tokens, you will help the exchange execute faster and better.

How do I swap snip-20 tokens at Sienna?

You can swap any private SNIP-20 token at Sienna. If you do not have private tokens yet, you can use the bridge to exchange your tokens for the private equivalent. You can always convert them back again. This will enable you to trade through Sienna Swap.

Why choose Siena?

Whether you're interested in concerts, speakers or an event at Casey's student lounge, Siena has something for you. “Whoever comes to you, friend or foe...receive them with kindness." ST. FRANCIS

What is Sienna AMM (Sienna)?

Siennas AMM is dual and you can deposit tokens for equal amounts in value on each side of the pair. Rewards is a part of the incentive program at the Sienna protocol. When you provide liquidity to the exchange, you will receive LP-tokens - liquidity provider tokens. LP-tokens have two main characteristics.

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