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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this Discord server?

The server is for all Discord users to come in to have fun and make new friends in a safe and cozy environment! A wholesome female friendly server for anyone 16+ that just wants to relax, talk, and hangout. The server has an accepting and relaxed community and we are always accepting new members.

What are the best Discord servers for LFG?

A simply fun community which provides best LFG in discord for major games like RUST, VALORANT, MINECRAFT, ROBLOX, CSGO, DOTA-2 etc. Social is a lounge server with gaming, addictive bots, nitro giveaways, 1:1 male to female ratio, emotes, events, music, and more

What is the largest Grand Theft Auto server on Discord?

The largest Grand Theft Auto server on Discord and an official Discord partner! Players can come together to regularly play, chat and hang out with other players. The Monster Hunter Gathering Hall is a server for all-things Monster Hunter.

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