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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of IWW?

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) A Democratic, Industrial Union. The IWW was an "industrial" union, one that embraced and organized both skilled and unskilled workers within particular industries. Tenets and Tactics. ... Spokane Free-Speech Fight. ... Everett Massacre. ... The Strike in the Woods. ... Centralia Tragedy. ... Seattle General Strike and After. ...

Who founded the IWW?

The Industrial Workers of the World—also known as the IWW, or the Wobblies—is a radical labor union that had its beginnings in Chicago in 1905. An outgrowth of the Western Federation of Mines, the IWW was created by william d. haywood, eugene v. debs, and Daniel DeLeon.

How did the IWW differ from the AFL?

The American Federation of Labor consisted of a gaggle of autonomous national unions, whereas the IWW was a more unified organization. In AFL you joined one of the national unions not AFL. In IWW you join the IWW. The AFL mostly focused on the minority of highly skilled, higher paid workers.

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