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Frequently Asked Questions

How many podcasts does Joe Rogan have?

Over the past decade, he has released over 1,750 podcast episodes on YouTube and Spotify. The top 10 most popular Joe Rogan Experience podcasts on YouTube have ~250 million views alone.

What episode is Russell Brand on Rogan's Podcast?

This particular episode with Russell Brand aired in 2019, but he’s appeared on Rogan’s podcast twice before on episode #812 in 2016 and episode #1021 in 2017. While the other episodes are entertaining as well, #1283 is my favorite.

Who is Edward Snowden on Joe Rogan's Podcast?

Edward Snowden – #1368 After seeing Bernie Sanders come on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Edward Snowden felt comfortable appearing as well. He first appears in episode #1368, which aired in 2019. Edward Snowden is most famous for leaking classified information from the NSA, which he discusses in detail on this podcast.

Why did Rogan pull his music from Spotify?

In the case of Rogan, chief executive Daniel Ek was forced to apologise for a stream of vaccine misinformation and racial slurs on Rogan’s show in a row that led to artists including Neil Young and Joni Mitchell pulling their music from Spotify.

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