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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Jugar mean?

Jugar most often means "to play ." Jugar is a stem-changing irregular verb. When followed by the preposition con, jugar suggests playing around with or toying with.

What does Jugar mean in English?

Standing by itself, jugar usually means simply "to play": Jugaban todo el día. (They played all day.) The phrase jugar limpio is used to mean "to play clean," that is, playing fairly, by the rules or otherwise in a commendable manner. The opposite, to play dirty, is jugar sucio.

How to conjugate Jugar?

Jugar is a common verb usually meaning "to play." Its conjugation is irregular in two ways: The -u- in the stem changes to -ue- when stressed. Like other verbs that end in -gar, the -g- changes to -gu- when it comes before an -e- in order to maintain the standard pronunciation. Jugar is unique in its conjugation.

What is Jugar in yo form?

term:juego = jugar (yo form) Flashcards. "Jugar" = to play (sports) "Tocar" = to play (instruments)/ to to touch Jugar is unique as a "u-ue" stem changing / AKA "shoe" verb. It also has "GO" in the yo form. Tocar is a regular -AR verb.

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