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Frequently Asked Questions

What is June’s journey?

This is the beginning of a long line of murders, mysteries and international investigations that, natually, will be solved through Hidden Object Scenes . This wiki strives to share all of June's Journey features with you:

Do June’s journey players enjoy off game chat?

Many June’s Journey players are enjoying off game chat and joining teams on others games. I’m grateful for the time I did have on this game previously to this greedy end.

How to find the scene in junesjourney sweep the board?

: JunesJourney Sweep the board: how to find the scene you have to play. Take note, screen shot, the first 3 objects that you need to find. I will use as an example my scene. Google: June Journey “dome” “carpet” “ladder” Your scene will be in the image tab results Take a screenshot and do a reverse google image search

Is June’s journey a money scam?

You only get good prizes and get ahead in the game ONLY IF YOU SPEND MONEY. It’s disappointing this game has turned from fun to a money scam. I have been playing June’s Journey going on two years. In recent months they have been adding more content.

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