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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bug is a June Bug?

European Chafer bugs are another type of beetle that is known under the broad name of June bug. They are more formally referred to as Rhizotrogus majalis and are smaller than most other June bugs at half an inch in length. They are a tan brown color and can mostly be found in turf and lawns.

Are there a lot of bugs in Washington State?

We’re pretty fortunate in the state of Washington. You won’t find many of the terrifying insects you might see in other parts of the country. That being said, we’re not without our creepy bugs.

What do June bugs do to plants?

One thing that all June bugs do have in common is that the larvae present the biggest problem to plants and lawns. Grubs will feed on turf roots, causing large patches of dead grass on lawns. They will also feed on root systems of plants without much discrimination on the type of plant they eat.

What do June bugs eat?

The grubs feed heavily on the roots of turf while the adult feeds on soft-skinned fruits. Japanese beetle: This type of June bug is a pest during both its larval and adult stages. While the grubs feed on roots, the adults feast on a wide variety of over 300 crops and flowers. They are known to prefer raspberries, grapes, beans, and roses.

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