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Frequently Asked Questions

What month is June known for?

June is the 6th month of the year and is associated with Summer in the northern hemisphere. It's also a great month for Summer fun. June has 30 days and is named after the Roman goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter. June holidays include Father's Day and Flag Day in the United States. June is also LGBT Pride Month.

How many days are in June?

June has 30 days and is the sixth of twelve months in the Gregorian calendar. There are a couple of disputed theories behind where the month of June actually got its name from. Some believe that Juno, the Roman Goddess of bearing children and marriage, is the basis for the month’s name.

Why do you need a June calendar?

You can June calendar it and be sure to feel the comfort of using it daily. The calendar also serves as a guide to prepare for upcoming occasions. Don’t worry because you can plan effectively for the great events that you wait to happen. You can choose from the colors and sizes of the blank calendar.

What is there to do in June?

The month of June always has 30 days, and we have included the following events and holidays on our June calendar - Flag Day (get your colors out!), Father's Day (perfect for a cookout) and the first day of summer (a legal holiday in Iceland!).

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