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Frequently Asked Questions

What did June Haver die of?

Actress June Haver, the blonde star of several popular 20th Century Fox musicals such as Irish Eyes Are Smiling (1944), The Dolly Sisters ( 1945 ), and Three Little Girls in Blue (1946), and the widow of actor Fred MacMurray, died of respiratory failure in the Los Angeles suburb of Brentwood on July 4. Haver was 79.

How tall is June Haver?

June Haver Hollywood's sweetest ... June Haver Oh, You Beautiful Doll was the pre-feminist song and film title that best described the pretty, dimpled, petite (5ft 2in) blonde June Haver, who has died aged 79.

Did Mark Stevens sing in a 1949 musical with June Haver?

Lively 1949 musical with Mark Stevens and June Haver in the leads. Did Mark do his own singing here? The film is a tribute to those who wrote light opera and saw their music turned into wonderful vehicles for Tin Pan Alley.

What happened to June Haver and Betty Grable?

Betty Grable continued to reign supreme well into the early ’50s. Following the unexpected death of her fiance, dentist John Duzik, in 1949, June Haver apparently lost interest in her career.

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