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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Junel the same as Loestrin?

Common Questions and Answers about Is junel the same as loestrin. junel. When I first started taking the pill, I had normal periods for about 4 days. As the months went on, the periods got much lighter and shorter, limiting them to just about a day.

How effective is Junel?

When taken exactly as it is prescribed, Junel 1.5/30 is 99.9 percent effective at preventing pregnancy. However, the average effective rate for all birth control pills is around 91 percent.

How should I take Junel?

You can take Junel with or without food. If the medication bothers your stomach, try taking it with food. It is important to take Junel every day and at the same time each day. Try to pick a time that will be easy to remember, such as at bedtime or breakfast.

How does Junel work?

Junel Fe also works to prevent pregnancy in two other, minor ways. It changes the cervical mucus (the fluid of the cervix, which is the lower, narrow part of the uterus that is connected to the vagina), making it more difficult for sperm to enter the uterus.

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