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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Juneteenth a federal holiday?

The commemorative day was installed as a federal holiday June 17, 2021, after the passage of the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act, and many local governments have followed since the Congressional legislation was approved. Juneteenth is a widely regarded a symbolic day to celebrate and recognize the end of slavery in the United States.

Is Juneteenth a federal holiday?

The proposed amendment to the holiday calendar for Michigan courts comes after a federal decision made on June 17, 2021, that officially recognizes Juneteenth as a national holiday. In the order, Justice David Viviano dissented in the proposal to close ...

Is Juneteenth a fed holiday?

Juneteenth was made a federal holiday in 2020. In its declaration, the St. Paul board also encouraged the Minnesota Legislature and Gov. Tim Walz to make it a state holiday.

Is Juneteenth a paid holiday?

With unanimous approval Monday by the Columbia County Quorum Court, June 19, otherwise known as Juneteenth, will now be observed annually as a paid county holiday.

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