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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Kincaid Park?

To reach Kincaid Park’s main staging area, take Raspberry Road west until it ends. A lower parking lot gives immediate access to the flat ski stadium area, while the upper parking is closer to the chalet and its restrooms.

How do I report a mountain bike accident at Kincaid Park?

In an emergency, CALL 911! PLEASE report all incidents, emergency or non-emergency to the Kincaid Park Chalet Staff: (907)-343-6397. VERY DIFFICULT EXPERTS ONLY Mountain biking is a high risk sport.

Where can you ride dirt bikes in Kincaid?

Perched atop the bluff in Kincaid’s south­east cor­ner, the Jod­phur Road Motocross Park is open to dirt bikes on non-race days between April and Sep­tem­ber. (Hours are 10 am to 8: 30 pm Wednes­day through Sun­day.)

Why visit Kincaid Park in Alaska?

With its open glades and rugged terrain, Kincaid Park is prime habitat for moose, black bears and other Alaska wildlife at home in the forest. The trail network makes it easy to get deep into the woods.

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