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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to kipagefault?

Simple answer: KiPageFault itself became much slower. No clue what exactly caused it to slow down, but the spin-lock simply never became a obvious limit, because 100% contention was never possible before. If someone whishes to disassemble KiPageFault to find the most expensive part - be my guest.

What is the difference between a minor page fault and swapping?

A minor page fault can be satisfied by sharing pages that are already in memory. Swapping occurs when pages are written to the disk to free memory so that a major page fault can be satisfied.

How does kewaitformultipleobjectsroutine work?

The KeWaitForMultipleObjectsroutine puts the current thread into an alertable or nonalertable wait state until any or all of a number of dispatcher objects are set to a signaled state or (optionally) until the wait times out. Syntax

Does kipagefault shift from memcpy to virtuallock on threadalloc?

If you profile the two different allocation strategies, you can see that for a low thread count, KiPageFault shifts from memcpy on BasicAlloc to VirtualLock on ThreadAlloc.

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