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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose kitkit pack?

Kit Pack specializes in giving aging systems new life by providing kits and assemblies to maintain, overhaul and modify proven DOD equipment. Consistent customer satisfaction is achieved with application of ISO certified processes and procedures and the goal of continuous improvement, demonstrated in company activities, day to day

What is a welcome kit for new employers?

It’s a present intended to give the new employer the tools and knowledge they need to get up and running in the new job as soon as possible. Welcome kits vary greatly depending on the company and the industry.

Where are avaviopack products made?

AVIOPACK products are manufactured in CHINA from carefully sourced quality raw materials to ensure sustainable production methods and with well-equipped facilities; excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enables us to guarantee total customer satisfaction.

How does aviopack customize the unique travel package?

Aviopack customize the unique travel package according to the design of the customer’s requirements. The amenity bags designed by Aviopack’s Design Studio are curated specifically to each airline with brands that best fit their needs and interests. To view the full range of Amenity Kits click here.

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