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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose kitkit pack?

Kit Pack specializes in giving aging systems new life by providing kits and assemblies to maintain, overhaul and modify proven DOD equipment. Consistent customer satisfaction is achieved with application of ISO certified processes and procedures and the goal of continuous improvement, demonstrated in company activities, day to day

What are the best kitpacks to use with football manager?

The FC'12 Kitpacks have been widely considered as the best kitpacks to use with Football Manager. On a yearly base the team over at FMSlovakia release hundreds of kits from leagues and competitions all over the world. For FM22 the team has returned and they are ready to break more records.

How do I get a kit?

Get a kit quickly when you need it. Register your kit at by typing in the collection tube ID or scanning the barcode. The lab cannot provide results if you skip this step.

How do I get my collection kit registration and results?

Collection kit registration and results are available through Amazon's safe, secure website, Tests are processed at Amazon’s state-of-the-art, high complexity laboratory. The lab is CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified. Where can I get additional support? When can I take this test?

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